About DEaMoNs

We consider history as the ground where different fields of human endeavours interact and complement each other. Following the assumption that reality is relational, we believe that a historiographical approach based on the examination of historical networks, and other kinds of connections, can be useful in promoting interdisciplinary research perspectives. These in turn can help scholars to bring about original, both global and micro, connected histories, putting the past into context.


Networks have always operated in complex societies, being a crucial component of the life in the past. With this in mind, we focus on the early modern world as a particularly fruitful field for our scholarly mission.


The ‘DEaMoNs’ research group has been founded as an international platform which brings together scholars focussing on early modern connections with a digital component. Indeed, interdisciplinary research projects, dealing with a large amount of interrelated data, can benefit dramatically by the usage of sophisticated technologies for the synoptic representation of a given relational phenomenon and for the exploration of historical data.


DEaMoNs works on the promotion of collective research projects; on the encounter (and possible fusion) between different spheres of the historical analysis; on the dissemination of the scientific results achieved by the members (through the organization of seminars or conferences and the production of collective publications); on the organization of workshops and other training activities about DH tools, networks reconstruction and connected histories.


Finally, DEaMoNs is meant to bridge the European and the American academic contexts, favouring a process of mutual transfer of knowledge across the Atlantic and enhancing networking possibilities for the members.


The DEaMoNs research group is based at the University of Verona. If you are interested in getting involved and taking part in its activities you can email the coordinator, sending your CV and a list of publications, at: alessandra.celati83@gmail.com


For further information: alessandra.celati83@gmail.com; federico.barbierato@univr.it